The Top 10 Benefits of Baby-Wearing:

1. Baby-wearing is convenient.
You can carry your child hands free with minimal bulk and continue on with your daily routine. Slings are very compact and easy to store or travel with; they can be carried with you almost anywhere and can be used in almost all daily activities. 

2. Baby-wearing is economical. 
Purchasing a sling can be used anywhere and is inexpensive, eliminating the need to purchase several different items to suit your different daily activities.

3. Baby-wearing promotes healthy development in your baby. 
In wearing your baby, he is in tune with your body’s rhythms (heartbeat, breathing, walking etc.). This helps him learn how to regulate his own physical responses and helps to improve his balance. A sling is like a ‘transitional womb’ for babies who have not yet learned how to regulate and control their own bodily functions and movements. 

Research shows that babies (especially premature babies) that are held and touched on a regular basis gain weight faster and are healthier than babies that are not. 

A baby’s social development is increased through baby-wearing as they are constantly in a quiet alert state observing your interactions and responses to the world around you. They are involved in your world right from the beginning taking in everything, learning facial expressions, body language and learning languages faster. 

Neural development is increased, and babies who are carried are more organized. 

Babies who are carried tend to have less attachment issues throughout life and see benefits in their emotional development.

4. Baby-wearing creates happier babies.
 Studies have shown that babies that are worn are happier. Being in constant contact with your baby, you learn to read their signs, emotions and needs. Babies will cry less, causing themselves and their parents less stress, which could otherwise cause long-term damage if the infant’s brain is constantly flooded with stress hormones. Instead they become active observers, benefiting them in many ways and making your life a little easier. Babies and children who are carried will benefit from the warmth and closeness of being held.
 Baby-wearing is particularly useful with colicky babies who are far happier being worn.

5. Baby-wearing is good for you.
 Baby-wearing helps to increase the mothers progesterone (mothering hormone) through physical contact, leading to a more intimate maternal bond, easier breast feeding and easier care, in turn lowering the likelihood of postpartum depression. 
Baby-wearing is an easy source of exercise helping to take off any extra weight that was put on during pregnancy.

6. Baby-wearing makes it easier to communicate between you and your baby. 
Through baby-wearing you become more in tune with you child’s gestures, facial expressions, and needs. It becomes easier to know if you child is wet, hungry, uncomfortable, or bored without them having to cry, therefore increasing their trust in you. Their learning is constantly increasing and it will help to reinforce the mother’s confidence in her parenting skills. This cycle of positive interaction is constantly helping to enhance the mutual attachment between parent and child.

7. Baby-wearing is a safe way to travel for your child. 
Your baby is held close to you at all times, whereas in a stroller your child is exposed to more exhaust and fumes as they are pushed around at knee height. In a sling they are up at your level protected from more of the elements and pollution. Slings provide emotional safety when needed, helping them to become more independent at their own pace, and with more confidence. A curious toddler can be held safe and secure in a crowded place while still having the chance to interact and fulfill their curiosity.

8. Toddlers appreciate the security of a sling. 
When talking about baby-wearing we usually think about infants; however, most slings can be used right up through toddler-hood. For toddlers it is great to know that they can have the security of a sling when the world gets too busy for them or they become tired in an unfamiliar place. A sling can be very soothing for toddlers and help to eliminate an unnecessary ‘melt-down’.

9. Baby-wearing can be a great way for other caregivers to bond with babe. 
Developing a maternal bond between mother and baby starts instantly in the womb, so for a father or other caregiver to be given the change to develop a similar bond is a magical feeling. There is no better way to do so than to carry your infant in a sling, helping both the babe and the caregiver to become familiar with each other’s rhythms and energy. Baby-wearing for a father can be a great way to catch up on the bonding that the mother had a head start on, this will help to create a strong, confident, trusting relationship between everyone.

10. Baby-wearing is fun. 
There is no better feeling than swaddling a new baby. Being able to do it whenever you want to, or need to, ‘hands-free’ makes it even more fun. Your baby will love the added interaction and attention that they will get from other adults because they are up at your level. For a toddler it is a great feeling to be up at your side making it easier to have a conversation and share their wonderful outlook on the world. It is truly amazing to listen to a toddler share with you what they are seeing and hearing in the same world that you are in, though without them pointing it out, you may walk right past it without noticing. Talk about stopping to smell the roses!