The Basics

  • Fold the Basic Sling in half, so that the ribbons on both edges are touching and parallel to each other and both ends of the only seam are together.  The toggles and pocket should be on the outside.
  • Hold the Sling in your left hand near the toggles and slip your right arm through the bottom (folded side), and then place over your head onto your left shoulder.  (If you are left-handed, you may find it more convenient to wear the Sling on your right shoulder.)   When wearing the sling you will want the patch (reinforcing the cording/toggles) on your back. 
  • Adjust the toggles so that the Sling is snug-fitting and comfortable when your babe is in it .  You should only have to make the adjustment once and they will stay in that position.  As your babe grows, you may need to re-adjust the toggles.