Cuddle Position

Cuddle Position - newborn and up






  1. Once Sling is on and spread out flat across the front of you, put babe against the shoulder the Sling is NOT on. You want to lift babe up onto your shoulder, holding under their bum, high enough so that you can slip their legs into the Sling.
  2. With your other hand, hold the Sling open.  Carefully slide babe down into a laying position with their legs near your hip/waist and their head level with your collarbone.
  3. If babe is sleeping, pull the outside part of the sling out and let babe's head slip inside the Sling.
  4. While awake, especially as they get older, they will probably want their head out of the Sling, with an arm out as well.
  5. When your babe is a newborn, you may find it a more comfortable fit to have the sling gathered up onto your shoulder instead of spread out over the top of your arm. This will keep your babe in a more upright position.