The Basics - Putting on Your Sling

*Always remember that your babe's safety is reliant on proper use of the Sling and all accessories. If you have any doubts at all have another adult help you and safety check for you until you are completely confident!

**If using the Sling in water of any kind be constantly aware of your child and remember more importantly than ever that their safety is reliant on your common sense.  The Sling is not intended for use while swimming in any amount of water.  Do not wear your child on your back while using the Sling in the water!

Baby Sling Positions:

1. Cuddle Position

2. Forward Facing Position

3. Hip Carry Position

4. Piggy Back Position

5. Cuddling on Back Position

6. Breastfeeding

Putting on the Covers





Troubleshooting Tips 

Video Instructions - Coming Soon!

Our video instructions will be available very soon (early September). However, here is a temporary basic video that I created to help a long-distance customer.  It is a bit rough, but it will help you visualize how to wear the sling until our full video instructions are complete. 

Storing Your Sling and Covers:

The Sling and all Covers have a drawstring pocket that, when not in use, doubles as a carrying pouch for the Sling or Cover. Simply turn the pocket inside out and stuff the Sling/Cover inside, closing it with the drawstring.  Now it’s ready and waiting for when you need it next!


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