Carrying your Child-The most Natural thing in the world!

Baby Wearing-The ultimate mode of baby transportation

The list of benefits that come with carrying your child is almost limitless for both the caregivers and the children so here is a few of them in what I like to call The Top 10 Benefits of Baby-Wearing:

Throughout history, in all regions of the world, native children have been carried in the cradleboard or sling, depending on the climate.  This allowed the parents of these young ones to continue with their daily routines all the while keeping their young treasures close to their heart and out of harm's way.

The use of the sling makes life easier for parents.  However, and more importantly, this creates the stable groundwork for so much of this little person’s future healthy patterns in life. Benefits such as allowing the child to become an active observer of the world around them right from the beginning, as well as constant parental company, results in less attachment insecurities and helps increase brain development.

Along with the phsycological benefits attributed to baby wearing, slings are also proven to help with numerous benefits around physical development.  All sorts of benefits varying from spinal development, improving the muscles used for latching and improving balance are also attributed to wearing your baby in a sling.

We have taken the concept of the sling and modernized it to fit into today’s world.  The ‘West Coast Sling System’ is easy to put on, gives you the ability to protect babe from harmful UV rays, and, with the weather patterns becoming more and more unpredictable, we make it easy to protect babe from all of the elements without ever having to change baby carriers.  The covers can be changed as quickly as the weather changes to ensure that babe is always well protected.

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